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Merle Rosen has worked in a wide variety of mediums for more than 40 years. Currently, she lectures and leads workshops in the Midwest with Golden Paints' Working Artists program. Workshops in painting, drawing, monoprinting, textile applications and other topics can be scheduled to accommodate specific interests.

She conducts weekly drawing classes as well as painting workshops and one-on-one mentoring at Blackbird Studios in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Merle's creative and inspirational processes in the studio can be viewed on two DVDs recently published by F&W Media:
Acrylic Materials and Techniques For Expressive Painting
Step-By-Step Guide To Acrylic Collage

Her extensive body of artwork includes acrylic paintings, mixed media/collage, works on paper, and sculpture. A small sampling of these pieces can be viewed on this website.

All artworks are available for purchase. For more information, please contact Merle by email or phone: 513.681.2477.

For more information, call Merle at 513.681.2477, or email.

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